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From Statistics Finland:

Define the boundaries of top level phases more clearly.
- For example, how far the data is processed after phase 5?
- Define key requirements to check for the completion of each top level phase, e.g. "response rate should be sufficient"
- This would be useful for defining internal requirements or service level agreements within NSIs

From Australian Bureau of Statistics:

Clarity around Process vs Analyse boundary

ABS staff found the GSBPM's split of output generation related activities (5.7, 5.8 and 6.1) across the Process and Analyse phases quite confusing and not very intuitive, particularly since they were previously using a process model (pre-cursor to the GSBPM) which had 'Transform inputs into statistics' as a separate phase.  If all of the output preparation or compilation related processes were contained within the Process phase, the main focus of the Analyse phase then becomes more related to its title, i.e. one of analysing, validating and explaining the statistical outputs, ensuring they are 'fit for purpose' for dissemination.  In fact, as data are analysed throughout many phases of the GSBPM, the ABS have recently renamed this phase 'Validate' to reflect more than just the examination or analysis of outputs, but also the treatments that need to be applied to make outputs valid (or 'fit for purpose').  In addition, given a change in scope and the future need to undertake more complex compilation activity (bringing together a wide range of input data sources to compile outputs, often in a dynamic way), ABS staff in many statistical business areas prefer the term 'Compile' to 'Process'.  This change would also help win over the areas delivering economic and environmental accounts (e.g. National Accounts), as they commonly refer to their work as compiling accounts (where processing and analysis processes are strongly intertwined).


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