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1. In recent years, many national and international statistical organizations have initiated developments to restructure the statistical production process. The "Data Deluge" and technological advances are providing opportunities to use new types of sources, enhance existing outputs, and develop new ones. These developments have significant implications for the structure and efficiency of statistical organizations, and a major impact on strategic decisions related to budget, human resources and corporate strategy.
2. Several existing international groups are involved in expert-level discussions on specific aspects of the modernisation of official statistics, such as methodology, information technology, software tools, and enterprise architecture, but until recently there has been no overall coordination of these activities. To achieve strategic oversight and especially better coordination of developments in different groups and countries, a forum on the highest level (Director General) was needed. The Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) established a High Level Group for this purpose, in 2010. This group, which was known as the High-Level Group for Strategic Developments in Business Architecture in Statistics, was initially created for a period of 2 years, after which its terms of reference would be reviewed by the CES Bureau.
3.Since 2010, the High-Level Group has produced a strategic vision, which was adopted by the CES in June 2011, and a strategy to implement that vision, which was adopted by the CES in June 2012


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4. These present Terms of Reference reflect an updated view of the role and responsibilities of the High-Level Group, based on experience gained in the first two years of operation. They also reflect the change of the name of the group to "High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services" (HLG) reflecting the evolution of the scope of the work of the group, and the feedback from the Conference of European Statisticians when endorsing the vision and strategy.