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  21. Data produced by Public Agencies

      2110. medical Medical records

  22. Data produced by businesses

      2210. commercial Commercial transactions

      2220. bankingBanking/stock records

      2230. eE-commerce

      2240. credit Credit cards


3. Internet of Things (machine-generated data): derived from the phenomenal growth in the number of sensors and machines used to measure and record the events and situations in the physical world. The output of these sensors is machine-generated data, and from simple sensor records to complex computer logs, it is well structured. As sensors proliferate and data volumes grow, it is becoming an increasingly important component of the information stored and processed by many businesses. Its well-structured nature is suitable for computer processing, but its size and speed is beyond traditional approaches.

  31. Data from sensors

      311. fixed Fixed sensors

         3111. home Home automation

         3112. weatherWeather/pollution sensors

         3113. traffic Traffic sensors/webcam

         3114. scientific Scientific sensors

         3115. securitySecurity/surveillance videos/images

      312. mobile Mobile sensors (tracking)

         3121. mobile Mobile phone location

         3122. carsCars

         3123. satellite Satellite images

  32. Data from computer systems

      3210. logsLogs

      3220. web Web logs