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The initial compilation of documents for the repository was undertaken as part of a Russian Federation funded project on "Supporting effective use of information and communications technology in population census".
Первоначальный подбор документов для настоящего фонда материалов был выполнен в составе проекта «Поддержка эффективного использования информационно-коммуникационных технологий при проведении переписей населения», финансируемого Российской Федерацией.


Selected materials:

"The GSBPM and Related Standards" (First 8 slides): The presentation addresses issues and solutions related to the exponential growth of data and to the growing number of producers from the private sector. In order to maintain their central role as data providers, National Statistical Offices need to efficiently collaborate by creating international mechanisms to develop and promote sources, processes and products. ENG; RUS