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HLG vision and strategy promotes standards based modernisation. However standardising a business results in a huge culture change that could be addressed through training, the recruitment of staff with a different skill set.

A concrete example of this from the effect of adopting the Common Statistical Production Architecture (currently being developed by a HLG project):

Changing the mindsets of both Information Communication Technology (ICT) groups and, equally as importantly, their immediate clients to build software in a way that makes it re-usable for others is a big shift from current practice.

That is, we are moving to an 80/20 world where IT systems will not be built to an area's exact specifications. Not longer will you not get exactly what you want, as the system needs to be re usable by other areas. It also possible that it will take longer to build and cost more money (building generic solutions that are more configurable takes longer than building a hard coded solution that meets a specific business need).

The benefits of doing this need to be clear to staff. There should be more information circulated on "what does this mean for me?" and thought given to how to address the sense of compromise (acceptance that nothing will be optimized for local use, rather it will be optimized for international or corporate use)

Information circulated about how changes due to modernisation affect staff.


Rotation of staff: internationally and/or nationally

 Non-comparable staff CVs - both for non-IT spesialists specialists and for IT spesialistsspecialists.

 Comparable IT CV template using controlled vocabularies for most fields

Comparable non-IT CV tempate template using controlled vocabularies for most fields

Different cultures between countries/organizations

Shared training in many countries: evangelists!

Temporary exchange of staff

Common IT projects using the "cloud"




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