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#6Non Structured Dataset Remove
#1Unit TypeNew: add relationships
#13PopulationRemove all subtypes
 UnitRemove all subtypes
#16PopulationAdd new relationship to Logical Record, so that it can reference a Unit Type
#8LevelAdd new diagrams to include Level in the next release
#21Classification VersionRemove
 Classification VariantRemove

Classification (Classification Series),

Classification Scheme(Statistical Classification)

Revise relationships according to proposal
#4Business ServiceDissemination Service to be a subtype of Business Service
#19Process InputRemove all subtypes
 Process OutputRemove all subtypes

Index (Classification Index)

Index Entry (Classification Index Entry)

Ensure only have relationships to Classification objects and not to nodesets.
Data PointMandatory relationship to unit but data point is abstract?
Enumerate Value DomainRelationship to Code List described as "is" - should be something like "takes value from"


Represented Variable

Instance Variable

Currently all reference a concept, population. Do they all need these relationships?



Attributes Table (did not have permission to add it in the Attributes Page: please move)