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UNCTAD Statistical Information system (USIS)


 The UNCTAD Statistical Information System (USIS) is designed as a tool to validate, store, process and share reference datasets used by the economists of the secretariat and disseminated through the UNCTAD Handbook of Statistic and UNCTADstat on the Internet. Methodologies and procedures used to process statistics and to calculate derived indicators were reviewed accordingly. Sources, concepts, definitions, classifications and processes have been documented and made available to users. Great attention is devoted to the provision of metadata at all levels.
Principle 4 of the 'Principles Governing International Statistical Activities' is a guiding benchmark during the development and implementation of USIS.

Objectives and outputs

 Improvement of the quality and consistency of the statistics prepared and released by UNCTAD. More efficient, secured and documented procedures are used for the compilation, processing, storage and dissemination of statistics. The capacities for the calculations of indicators requiring important IT resources are being improved.