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Maintain and support analytical software




• To provide a generic software toolkit for the management of OECD statistical production data and metadata. The StatWorks and MetaStore software provide a common, SQL-based repository for statistical data and metadata, and a set of tools for their management. The applications are improved to be better integrated with each other and with other OECD corporate systems such as the OECD.Stat data warehouse.


Objectives and outputs


• The main objective of the StatWorks/MetaStore developments is to modernise the software platforms for the management of OECD statistics in replacing multiple, non-standard systems with a single, generic application. The applications manage the following statistical production processes: initial data and metadata migration, database administration, security management, data and metadata collection, their importing and validation, calculations, their querying and data export.


• During 2004 the StatWorks software was implemented as a production application. The software is now used to manage 49 different databases containing 224 datasets across all substantive directorates.


• Originally developed by STD, the MetaStore software is being maintained and enhanced since 2008/2009 by ITN. It is used to manage metadata for 150 datasets across all substantive directorates.


Main Developments for 2013


General aspects:


• In 2013, development activities will concentrate on the GUI redesign, streamlining import and export features and integration of SDMX 2.1.