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Environmental Accounts
On-going methodological work:


• The Group continues its efforts in advancing methodologies in environmental-economic accounting. In 2011, the London Group finalized its recommendations on all revision issues of the SEEA Central Framework. The document was adopted as a statistical standard by the UNSC in February 2012. The London Group has also reviewed and commented on the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting, SEEA Applications and Extensions, and SEEA Energy documents. These are expected to be presented to the UNSC in 2013.


• The London Group will continue to be engaged in the implementation of the revised SEEA and play a leadership role in contributing to, reviewing and vetting related compilers manuals and training materials. At the 18th meeting of the group in Ottawa (October 2-4, 2012), the group also expressed interest in continuing to remain engaged and contributing to the advancement of the testing and research agenda on experimental ecosystem accounting as well as expanding the community of practice.


• At its 18th meeting, Mark de Haan of Statistics Netherlands completed his tenure as Chair of the group. Joe St. Lawrence of Statistics Canada was elected as the new Chair.


Priority objectives:


• The London Group's priority objectives are to move towards aspects of SEEA implementation and dissemination as well as the research and testing agenda on ecosystem accounting.

New activities:


• As part of the SEEA revision process, the London Group will:


- Contribute to the advancement of the research and testing agenda on ecosystem accounting.


The London Group will also:


• Keep abreast of and where appropriate contribute to accounting work of other city groups and international agencies;

• Initiate new research and share accounting experiences according to the interests of the group members.




• The 18th London Group Meeting took place in October 2012 (Ottawa, Canada). The next meeting is scheduled to take place in the 3rd quarter of 2013 in London, England.