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Neuchâtel terminology




Classification family

Classification Family

Activity (Industry) classifications, Educational classifications

Group of Classifications




Group of Classifications Schemes

Classification version

Classification Version

NACE rev 2, ISIC rev 4, ISCO 08, ANZIC 08ANZIC06, NAICS


Classification variant

Classification Variant

High-level SNA/ISIC aggregation A*10/11 grouping


Classification level


Section, division, group and class in ISIC rev 4


Classification item

Classification Item

0111 - Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds


Correspondence table

Correspondence Table

ISIC rev 4 - NAICS


Classification index



List of aliases

Classification index entry




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Case law




Classification index entry

Alias on Node



Correspondence item


0111 in ISIC - 111110 NAICS


Classification item - code

Attribute on Classification Item

0111 (in ISIC)

Not an information object in itself in GSIM

Classification item - title

Attribute on Classification Item

Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds

Not an information object in itself in GSIM

Classification item - explanatory notes

Attribute on Classification Item

"This class includes:

  • growing of temporary and permanent crops
  • cereal grains: rice, hard and soft wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, corn (except sweetcorn) etc.
  • growing of potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes or cassava
  • growing of sugar beet, sugar cane or grain sorghum
  • growing of tobacco, including its preliminary processing: harvesting and drying of tobacco leaves
  • growing of oilseeds or oleaginous fruit and nuts: peanuts, soya, colza etc.
  • production of sugar beet seeds and forage plant seeds (including grasses)
  • growing of hop cones, roots and tubers with a high starch or inulin content
  • growing of cotton or other vegetal textile materials
  • retting of plants bearing vegetable fibres (jute, flax, coir)
  • growing of rubber trees, harvesting of latex
  • growing of leguminous vegetables such as field peas and beans growing of plants used chiefly in pharmacy or for insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purposes
  • growing of crops n.e.c.

    This class excludes:
  • growing of melons, see 0112
  • growing of sweet corn, see 0112
  • growing of other vegetables, see 0112
  • growing of flowers, see 0112
  • production of flower and vegetable seeds, see 0112
  • growing of horticultural specialties, see 0112
  • growing of olives, see 0113
  • growing of beverage crops, see 0113
  • growing of spice crops, see 0113
  • growing of edible nuts, see 0113
  • gathering of forest products and other wild growing material (cork, resins, balsam etc.), see 0200"