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One underlying rationale of the modernization of official statistics is the standardization of statistical production processes in order to create and share generic software tools, performing well defined tasks, across statistical institutions. While most of such tools are still to be developed, the present page lists software and other tools designed to assist in implementing some of the concepts supporting the modernization process.


Одним из принципов, лежащих в основе модернизации официальной статистики, является стандартизация процессов статистического производства ради того, чтобы создавать и совместно использовать общие программные инструменты, выполняющие четко определенные задачи во всех статистических учреждениях. Хотя большинство таких инструментов лишь предполагается разработать, на данной странице перечислены программные средства и другие инструменты, предназначенные для содействия реализации некоторых из концепций, поддерживающих процесс модернизации.


Documentation and support




Conference of European Statisticians Sixtieth plenary session, Paris, 6-8 June 2012 - "The High-Level Group for Strategic Developments in Business Architecture in Statistics - Principles and guidelines on building multilingual applications for official statistics"

The importance of providing software that can be used in more than one language or country has increased but the lack of multilingual support is one of the main barriers to collaboration regarding statistical software. Thus the Sharing Advisory Board has developed the current document which outlines a useful set of principles and guidelines for software developers. These principles aim to give practical advice on how to make applications language independent from the start, which is more efficient than trying to add multilingual capabilities at a later stage. The High-level Group on Business Architecture in Statistics endorsed the guidelines and recommended their implementation by all statistical organizations.


Software Inventory

The software sharing is maintained by the Sharing Advisory Board (SAB) . Different software refers to different phases of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model. For each of them a number of characteristics are listed such as their main purpose, input and output formats and where a more exhaustive documentation can be found. The list of software is either in alphabetical order or ordered by GSBPM phases and sub-processes. In the same page, the criteria for compliance with the HLG-BAS vision are also listed.