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While GSBPM describes the entire statistical production process, GSIM describes the information input and output objects of each individual process. The descriptions of information objects at each step of the process are needed to develop software performing specific tasks at each step. A common framework to describe information objects along the production process will allow software developers to create tools that can easily be transposed from one statistical institution or department to another (plug-and-play model). The first operational version of GSIM is expected to be released towards the end of 2012.


Documentation and support




METIS GSIM wiki - GSIM v1.0

Building on, and similarly to the GSBPM, GSIM can be described as providing a basis for statistical organizations to agree on common terminology and definitions to aid their discussion on developing metadata systems and information management frameworks. More specifically, GSIM has an essential role as a reference model that can be operationalized on a consistent basis when defining the information required to drive statistical production processes as well as when defining the outputs (eg statistical data) and outcomes (eg process metrics) from those processes. It is one of the cornerstones for modernizing official statistics and it is a key element of the strategic vision prepared by the High-Level Group for the Modernization of Statistical Production and Services (HLG).

The latest version of the model is presented here. The documentation is layered to address the needs of different audiences, from general readers who want a broad understanding of GSIM to developers who want to ensure an implementation.


METIS wiki - Old versions of GSIM

Earlier intermediary versions are presented in this webpage. From the background to GSIM, to GSIM v0.1, v0.2, v0.3, v0.4 and v0.8. In particular, the documents for GSIM v0.4 and v0.3 are also available in Russian.

ENG RUS(v0.4) RUS(v0.3)

METIS wiki - Previous GSIM workshops

In order to accelerate the development of GSIM two Sprint sessions were held in 2012. Sprint 1 took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 20th 20 February to 2nd 2 March 2012. A proposed broad structure for GSIM and a Common Reference Model were produced. The documents produced on these topics can be found in this page together with the program of the workshop and a daily blog on the progress of the sprint. Sprint 2 took place a few months later in Daejeon, Korea from 16th 16 to 27th 27 April 2012 and a daily blog on the development of the Sprint is available. The main output of the GSIM Sprint 2 was the release of GSIM v0.4.