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UNIDO NISP 2.0: This is rather a historical project - long time ago UNIDO possessed a software package called NISP (and later an Windows version NISP Windows) which was used for data processing in the NSO of developing countries. The UNIDO NISP program is currently discontinued but our intention, if resources available, is to revitalize the project and develop a new version NISP 2.0 based on the currently available technologies.

  1. Type of project The UNIDO's software package NISP (NISP Windows) was specifically designed to meet the needs of both data collectors and data users of industrial statistics. It provided support for all stages of any programme of recurrent data collection, ranging from data verification and editing to processing, dissemination, analysis and interpretation of results to publication of results. Raw data, edited data and final results are stored in a relational database and therefore all stages are integrated.
  2. Objective and deliverables: A software solution covering all stages of the data collection processing and dissemination of industrial statistics to be used in the NSO of developing countries.
  3. Position in the GSBPM: Almost all Phases: Phase 2. Design to Phase 7. Disseminate
  4. License: Free of charge provided by UNIDO for the NSOs of developing countries within TC projects.
  5. Ownership and governance.
  6. Availability: Currently not available. The old version was available from UNIDO including installation, customization support and training of the IT and Statistical staff
  7. Third party licenses used:None
  8. Development and initial funding: developed by UNIDO
  9. User Community:
  10. Sustaining:
  11. Support, Documentation and Training
  12. Risks and issues