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5.3 Partnerships and cooperation


Statistics Finland cooperates with organizations organisations and participates in working groups that define standard classifications or standards on both international and national levellevels. Metadata experts attend regularly Eurostat's Eurostat’s Metadata Working Group meetings as well as METIS meetings.


Statistics Finland has also representatives in the PC-Axis Reference group and Eurostat’s Quality Working Group.

Spatial metadata experts follow INSPIRE metadata work and attend national working groups in the implementation of the INSPIRE metadata process.

5.4 Other issues

The organisation of metadata management at Statistics Finland is at present at a stage of restructuring. In the near future there will be organisational changes which will affect among others also the Classifications and Metadata Services unit. These changes hopefully clarify the distribution of responsibilities and tasks between different units working on metadata issues within the statistical office.

As regards training and knowledge management there are not many bodies that provide training in metadata issues at least in Finland. Courses or seminars on the methodological theory of classifications or the harmonization of concepts would be very welcome.

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