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Newsletter 2022-01

Dear colleagues,

We The impact of COVID0-19 continues to impact us all, and there are signs that we are nearing the turning point in the fight against COVID-19, when the pandemic becomes endemic. Like all turning points, identification relies on accurate and timely statistics - and this is the goal of ENBES: improving establishment statistics through communication and collaboration.

We invite you to be part of this processcollaboration, by joining us and other European methodological experts, in an open meeting on topical issues in early March 2022. The exact date, and topics to be discussed, will be circulated shortly. 

Mention of 1 day network workshop?

We are also starting to plan the next in our series of biennial workshops, to be held in Autumn 2023. We hope this will be a face-to-face event, as all previous workshops except the last - EESW21 - but will obviously be guided by the data! If you think your NSI would be interested in hosting the next workshop, please email ??? 

The Topical Papers section of the ENBES repository contains a selection of working papers that address these issues, including the challenges with measuring economic changes during a recession, and difficulties with measuring inflation in sectors where expenditure has collapsed due to the lockdown. The Topical Papers section is available at: contribute a paper or report to the repository, email Shorter opinion pieces and comments are also welcome. Please send a file with your observations to the same email address. These will be added to the discussion and may be compiled with others on similar topics.

If you would like to know more about how ENBES works, or become involved, look out for the meeting in March or contact us direct on ???

ENBES Steering Committee

Newsletter 2020-06