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The ABS appreciates the invitation to provide initial input related to the review cycle for GSBPM and GSIM. We also appreciate the quality and value of both of these artefacts. As

As you are aware, the ABS has defined the Statistical Production Activity Model (SPAM) and ABS Information Model (AIM) using GSBPM and GSIM respectively as starting points.

SPAM and AIM provide a basis for the ABS Statistical Business Transformation Program (SBTP).

SPAM and AIM are more detailed than GSBPM and GSIM and specifically optimised for the future operating model the ABS seeks to achieve through SBTP rather than more generically describing traditional "as is" operations as well as describing the target transformed way of operating. Nevertheless 

Nevertheless, when new features need to be added to SPAM and AIM - or features need to be clarified - GSBPM and GSIM continued to be referenced because the ABS seeks to maintain maximum alignment and consistency with these generic standards while also targeting the specific enterprise outcomes sought by the ABS.

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