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The UNECE Working Group on Statistical Data Editing and its predecessor, the Data Editing Joint Group, have developed this glossary as part of the programme of work of the Conference of European Statisticians. The present version is the fruit of our labour over the past decade or so. Many of the group's members contributed, but particular thanks are owed to Dania Fergusson and William Winkler for their efforts in, respectively, initiating and completing the work.

The main aim of this glossary is the standardization of terminology related to statistical data editing and imputation, both within and between statistical organizations. It is only when we have a common understanding of the terminology that we can pursue meaningful and efficient discussion of the topic. This glossary contains definitions of over 180 concepts, principles, techniques as well as methods. 

This glossary is not, and probably never will be, a finished document. Related terms need to be linked, missing definitions added, and outdated definitions modified. However, its usefulness will be derived only if it is made public, and if the public is invited to make it grow. We hereby request your additions, commentaries and examples in order for us to be able to make this 'living document' evolve in a way that would make it remain as current and up to date as possible. These comments can be sent to

A version of this glossary was published in 2000, but the definitions in the alphabetical listing below may be more up to date.

Alphabetical Listing

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