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This page is dedicated to the Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality, which will take place on 20-22 September 2017 in Skopje.

New Tentative Timetable

Information Note 1 (Topics for discussion, etc)

Information Note 2 (Practical Information)

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Final Report



Submitted papers*:


Topic 1: Utility and disclosure risk in anonymised data

Mahalanobis distance-based record linkage revisitedKrish Muralidhar (University of Oklahoma)Paper | Presentation
Investigating New Methods for Creating Anonymized Microdata Based on Japanese Census DataShinsuke Ito (Chuo University)Paper | Presentation

Empirical Comparison of Anonymization Methods Regarding Their Risk-Utility Trade-Off

Sara Ricci (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)Paper | Presentation
A Study of the Impact of Synthetic Data Generation Techniques on Data Utility using the 1991 UK Samples of Anonymised RecordsJennifer Taub (University of Manchester)Paper | Presentation
Measures for information loss in protected dataMira Todorova (State Statistical Office, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)Paper | Presentation

Topic 2: Microdata and output protection

TitlePresenter Documents
A new shiny GUI for sdcMicroBernhard Meindl (Statistics Austria)Paper | Presentation
Genetic algorithms for matrix representations and their application to synthetic data
Mark Elliot (University of Manchester)Paper | Presentation
Recognising real people in synthetic microdata: risk mitigation and impact on utilityBeata Nowok (University of Edinburgh)Paper | Presentation
A unified approach to the assessment of both identification and attribution riskDuncan Smith (University of Manchester)Paper | Presentation


Topic 3: Confidentiality of big data and special types of data

Data confidentiality and statistical registers in the Macedonian statistical systemMirjana Boshnjak (State Statistical Office, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)Paper | Presentation
Tabular Data anonymization with Big Data tools. (Secondary Cell Suppression via Tabu search)Said Khadraoui (Secure Data Access Center)Paper | Presentation
Location related risk and utilityPeter-Paul de Wolf (Statistics Netherlands)Paper | Presentation


Topic 4: Access to microdata

Secure Research Access in the UK - The Five SafesPeter Stokes (Office for National Statistics, the United Kingdom)Paper | Presentation
Best international practices in local contextsNatalia Volkow (INEGI, Mexico)Paper | Presentation
Evolution of Statistics Canada Research Data Centers usersDonna Dosman (Statistics Canada)Paper | Presentation
On-site Service and Safe Output Checking in JapanRyo Kikuchi (National Statistics Center / Nippon Telegraph and Telephone)Paper | Presentation
Digital act in France: impact on public statisticsMichel Isnard (INSEE)Paper | Presentation
A Proposal of a Simple and Secure Statistical Processing System using Secret SharingKiyomi Shirakawa (Hitotsubashi University / National Statistics Center)Paper | Presentation
Designing confidentiality trainingFelix Ritchie (University of the West of England)Paper | Presentation


Topic 5: Methods and tools for tabular data protection

Statistical Confidentiality in the European Business StatisticsAleksandra Bujnowska (Eurostat)Paper | Presentation
Center of Excellence on Statistical Disclosure ControlMaël Buron (INSEE)Paper | Presentation
Establishing an Automated Confidentiality Service in Statistics New ZealandAntony Gomez (Statistics New Zealand)Paper | Presentation
Harmonization of the protection of social statistics at Statistics FinlandMiika Honkala (Statistics Finland)Paper | Presentation
On using an improved Benders method for cell suppressionDaniel Baena Mirabete (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)Paper | Presentation
Constrained optimisation for tabular suppression in the Australian Bureau of StatisticsBernadette Fox (Australian Bureau of Statistics)Paper | Presentation
Disclosure control that accounts for survey realities: assessing the risk using G-ConfidPeter Wright (Statistics Canada)Paper | Presentation

Topic 6: Census 2021 - Confidentiality issues

Testing CTA as Additivity Module for Perturbed Census 2021 EU Hypercube DataSarah Giessing and Tobias Enderle (Destatis,Germany)Paper | Presentation
The European Census Hub 2011 Hypercubes - Norwegian SDC ExperiencesJohan Heldal (Statistics Norway)Paper | Presentation
The Modernization of Statistical Disclosure Limitation at the U.S. Census BureauAref Dajani (U.S. Census Bureau)Paper | Presentation
Statistical disclosure control considerations of publishing data on grid squares and territorial units in the application STAGEJunos Lukan (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia)Paper | Presentation
Creation of synthetic microdata in 2021 Census Transformation Programme (proof of concept)Robert Rendell (Office for National Statistics, the United Kingdom)Paper | Presentation
Secure statistical computation system on encrypted data: An empirical study of secure regression analysis for official statisticsSatoshi Takahashi (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Japan)Paper | Presentation
Progress towards a table builder with in-built disclosure control for 2021 CensusKeith Spicer (Office for National Statistics, the United Kingdom)Paper | Presentation


*The designations employed and the presentation of the material contained within the UNECE Statistics wikis do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontier or boundaries.

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Pre-prints of papers received from contributors.

These papers are as received from contributors, and may be subject to revision prior to the work session. Additional papers will be added to this site as they are received.

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