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  • ENBES Seminar 2014 (Stockholm) - Developments and Challenges in Business Surveys Methodology

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21st January 2014

A seminar organised by ENBES and the Swedish Survey Methodology Association and held in Stockholm, Sweden. The presentations are available below.


TimeTitle and presentersPresentation


10.10-11.05Characteristics of business surveys and
web questionnaires
Gustav Haraldsen, Statistics Norway
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Haraldsen - Business Surveys Questionnaires.pdf
11.05-11.35Insights into the response process - screen recording
as a fruitful evaluation method
Petri Godenhjelm, Statistics Finland
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Godenhjelm - Screen Recording Evaluation.pdf
11.40-12.05Motivation and burden in business surveys
Andreas Persson, Statistics Sweden
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Persson - Burden and Motivation.pdf
12.05-12.30A perspective on response burden from businesses
Tomas Lööv, Board of Swedish Industry and
Commerce for Better Regulation
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Lööv - Cutting Response Burden.pdf

13.30-14.00Sampling and estimation in business surveys
- introduction and overview of basic business
survey issues
Li-Chun Zhang, University of Southampton
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Zhang - Business Survey Sampling Estimation.pdf
14.00-14.30Register-based statistics production
Britt and Anders Wallgren, consultants, Sweden
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Wallgren - Register-based Statistics Production.pdf
14.30-15.00Integration of survey and administrative data
for statistics production - a new framework
Li-Chun Zhang, University of Southampton
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Zhang - Integration Register Survey Data Framework.pdf
15.00-15.20Coffee break

15.20-15.50Methodological challenges in building national
Andreas Lennmalm, Statistics Sweden
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Lennmalm - Challenges National Accounts.pdf
15.50-16.15Available business statistics - examples of use,
re-use and potential for value-added
Barbara Narfström, Statistics Sweden
Seminar 2014 01 21 - Narfström - Businesses Use of Statistics.pdf
16.20-16.50Panel discussion with Q/A
Moderator: Boris Lorenc, Statistics Sweden and ENBES


Additional contributions from participants during the seminar:

Seminar 2014 01 21 - Kubo - Secure Multipary computation.pdf 

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