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Expert Group meeting on CPI 26-28 May 2014

Program Workshop 4: Scanner data


Organiser:  Muhanad Sammar, Statistics Sweden & Martin B. Larsen, Statistics Denmark






People responsible

May 26


Meeting   Room: XXIV


Introduction and adoption of the agenda

Muhanad Sammar &

Martin Birger Larsen



Tour de Table: Participant’s experience with scanner data






Welcome address – The Revolution of Scanner Data and the Challenges Ahead

Questionnaire forms: 1. Steps for ensuring data quality         2. Challenges ahead – next step

Muhanad Sammar



Topic 1: GS1

  •   What’s GS1? (short introduction)
  •   Introduction to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
  •   Product classification in GDSN
  •   Possible process for scanner data using GDSN
  •   Steps needed to pilot (discussion)
  •   Other governmental use cases for GDSN

 PowerPoint presentation: GS1 and scanner data

Staffan Olsson









Topic 2: Iceland: Optimal Preservation Policy for Scanner Data


Erika Guðmundsdóttir  



Topic 3: Austria: One size fits all? The need to cope with different levels of Scanner Data quality for CPI computation


Ingolf Böttcher



Topic 4: Denmark: Implementing scanner data in the Danish CPI

PowerPoint presentation: Scanner data in the CPI HICP

Thomas H. Jacobsen



Topic 5: Questions & Answers


All participants





  Room documents: 
  1. Title: Transactions Data - From Theory to Practice

Author: Khanh Moore (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

  Relevant papers: 
  1. Title: Past present and future of scanner data with focus on Statistics Sweden

Author: Muhanad Sammar (Statistics Sweden)


2. Title: Austrian Scanner Data Project - Report"Multipurpose Consumer Price Statistics The use of scanner data"

Author: Ingolf Böttcher & Sergey Sergeev (Statistics Austria)


3. Title: The use of scanner data in the Luxembourg CPI: first lessons learned

Author: Jérôme Hury & Claude Lamboray (STATEC)


4. Title: Issues on the use of scanner data in the CPI

Author: Muhanad Sammar (Statistics Sweden)

  5. Title: New Zealand CPI scanner data

Author: Frances Krsinich (Statistics New Zealand)

  6. Title: Statistics and science - band 13

Author: Federal Statistical Office of Germany 

  Questions regarding scanner data - (A worksheet in Excel) 


Agenda-Workshop 4 Scanner data


Organised by Statistics Sweden and Statistics Denmark


The primary objective of the workshop is to clarify the concepts of scanner data. A roadmap will be drawn up together with the participants, and recommendations on how to meet the challenges ahead will be formulated. The workshop will also address a number of important issues, such as: Quality assurance; Confidentiality; Cooperation and agreements with data providers; and Scanner data software.


Dear participants,

We are approaching the International CPI workshop in Geneva where Statistics Sweden together with Statistic Denmark will host a workshop on scanner data on the 26th of May 2014. The preparations are well underway and our ambition is to host a fruitful, inspiring and productive workshop.

We hereby kindly invite countries that want to contribute with papers to the workshop to send us proposals for topics as soon as possible, but not later than 12th of March.

Because a majority of National Statistics Institutes in the world are unexperienced with scanner data, we propose to focus on the following topics:

  • Quality assurance
  • Complexity with scanner data
  • Regulations and laws
  • Potential challenges

For those who will be selected to submit a paper; please ensure that a draft document reaches us no later than 26 April, 2014.

A framework for quality assurance of scanner data will be presented and discussed. We will also address potential challenges that may arise in the process of implementation of scanner data and how they can be overcome.

Additional information will be sent to registered participants as we get closer to the workshop date. We will for example upload some background documents on scanner data for those who do not feel completely familiar with the subject.

Finally, we are really enthusiastic to organize the workshop on scanner data and appreciate your valuable contribution.

Yours Sincerely,

Martin Birger Larsen ( & Muhanad Sammar (
(Statistics Denmark)                           (Statistics Sweden)