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Part B offers an overview of existing resources (standards, concepts, models, best practices and other methodological materials), which are likely to be applicable when designing and implementing statstical statistical metadata systems. It is designed primarily as an Internet publication, so that it can be kept as up to date as possible.

Please note: Part B is a living document, it . It is reviewed regularly reviewed for accuracy and relevance. Comments and suggestions are welcome, and can be sent to


1.7 SDMX - Cross-domain Code-lists

2. Technical Standards

2.1 Dublin Core


2.6 eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

2.7 GIS (ISO 19115)

3. Models and Statistical Practices


3.7 Nordic Metamodel for PC-Axis

4. Methodological Guidelines and Recommendations


This section shows the relationships between the different resources described in Section II.


IV. Other Resources

This section is for links to resources not described in Section II, but which still might be of interest to those developing Statistical Metadata Systems. These are typically resources that are primarily related to domains other than statistical metadata, resources that are only applied in one country, or resources which are now considered to be obsolete. References to home-pages of metadata-related projects are also included.

Please send any suggestions for additional links to

  • CARS (Classifications And Related Standards system developed by Statistics New Zealand)
  • CLASET (Standard for exchange of statistical classifications)
  • Metanet (Metadata Network of Excellence project 2000 - 2003)
  • Terminology on Statistical Metadata (Conference of European Statisticians Statistical Standards and Studies No. 53, 2000)


Annex - Final Report of the Task Force on Part B

Approved by the METIS Steering Group, January 2011

Working documents of the Task-Force on Part B