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MSIS is the joint UNECE / Eurostat / OECD Group on the Management of Statistical Information Systems

Please note that as of the April 2014 MSIS meeting, the group is no longer operating.  The work undertaken by this group is now continuing under the auspices of the   Modernisation Committee on Production and Methods.  Much of the material on this wiki will no longer be updated but will remain here for informational purposes.


This wiki is intended for IT and related professionals working in national and international statistical organisations. Read access to most pages is unrestricted, but a user account is needed to post comments and other materials. Please contact for further details.

See also:

  • The MSIS page on the main UNECE web site, for links to previous meetings and other resources


Latest News






Big Data Inventory

An inventory of past, current and planned projects that make use of Big Data sources, submitted by statistical organizations as a means of sharing knowledge and experience.



A project commissioned by the High Level Group for Statistical Production and Services in 2014 to explore the opportunities and challenges that big Data poses for Official Statistics.


Software Inventory

A searchable, sortable library of reuseable software prepared by the sharing advisory board.




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