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A Statistical Classification has a structure which is composed of one or several Levels. A Level often is associated with a Concept, which defines it. In a hierarchical classification the Classification Items of each Level but the highest are aggregated to the nearest higher level Level. A linear classification has only one Level.

A Statistical Classification is a subtype of Node Set. The relationship between Statistical ClassifiationClassification and Level can also be extended to include the other Node Set types - Code List and Category Set.



NameDescriptionCardinalityValue Domain
IdentifierA Level is identified by a unique identifier.1..1Textual 
Level numberThe number associated with the Level. Levels are numbered consecutively starting with level 1 at the highest (most aggregated) Level.0..1Textual 
Level nameThe name given to the Level.0..1Textual 
Description Text describing the content and particular purpose of the Level.0..1Textual 
Number of items The number of items (Categories) at the Level.0..1 Textual
Code type Indicates whether the item code at the Level is alphabetical, numerical or alphanumerical.0..1 Textual 
Code structureIndicates how the code is constructed of numbers, letters and separators.0..1 Textual 
Dummy code Rule for the construction of dummy codes from the codes of the next higher level (used when one or several categories are the same in two consecutive levels).0..1 Textual 
Items An ordered list of the Categories (Classification Items) that constitute the Level.1..n Textual