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h3. Wiki space for follow-up to the First Seminar on New Frontiers for Statistical Data Collection 
h5. (Geneva, Switzerland, 31 October-2 November 2012)

h5. {color:green} *These pages are under construction and will be developed over the coming weeks as a resource for planning of future activities related to data collection.* {color}  

Access to materials relating to the work of the Organizing Committee is restricted to members of that committee, who must have user accounts. Please [contact Fiona Willis-Núñez|] to obtain a user account.   

Use the menu on the left to navigate through the materials on this wiki.

* h6. For papers and presentations given at the 2012 seminar, please see the meeting web page,

* h6. The draft report can be downloaded from [this page|Draft seminar report].

* h6. Many of you asked to have a copy of the [word cloud|^data collection word cloud.pdf] produced from the text of the draft meeting report.  Feel free to reuse this as you wish.  

* h6. The questionnaire on country practices in data collection has been re-opened, in case you would like to view or edit your responses.  You can edit your response by using the same link you had in your original invitation email, or create a new response by following this link:  Please [let me know|] if you have lost or deleted your original email and need me to resend the link. 

* h6. We will contact all participants in due course to solicit your agreement prior to uploading your responses to this wiki as case studies.



See also: 
* The main UNECE statistical division web page on [data collection, processing, dissemination and analysis|]. 
* [Other UNECE wikis|]