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After the successful conclusion of the GSIM Integration Workshop, a new version of GSIM (v0.8) has been released.

Please feel free to send a link to this page to anyone that you think might be interested.


Documentation of GSIM has been layered to address the needs of different audiences, from general readers who want a broad understanding of GSIM to developers who want to ensure an implementation they are developing is fully consistent with the GSIM Reference Framework.

GSIM Brochure - A document that contains general information about the scope and purpose of GSIM, why it is needed, the expected benefits, as well as an introduction to the structure and content of the model. This document is aimed at top managers. The Overview Layer also helps other readers (e.g. target audiences beyond statistical agencies) understand whether GSIM is relevant for them and whether they should explore it in more detail.

GSIM: Communication Paper - A document aimed at subject matter statisticians, methodologists, process designers, business architects etc. It provides an overview about the information represented in GSIM, and summaries of how the model could be used and relationships to other models and standards.


Enterprise Architect File



Disposition Log of feedback on GSIM v0.8

Instructions for reviewers

The GSIM Version 0.8 documentation is open for review and comment by statistical organizations. Version 0.8 consists of the three documents described above. Please note that all documents have been revised to take into account feedback on v0.4 and the further development of the model.

Please enter your feedback in this template and send to Thérèse Lalor: The deadline for providing feedback is 19 October 2012.