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A set of draft working notes are available which summarise background information related to this initiative.

These working notes cover

  • the background to GSIM
  • the expected relationship between GSIM and standards such as SDMX and DDI-L
  • the context of GSIM as an initial major output which enables operationalization of a common statistical information management framework
  • other key collaborative forums and initiatives which are recognised as having a critical role in reviewing and shaping definition of GSIM
  • current broad thinking about the structure of GSIM, including
    • the Common Reference Model (CRM) Layer (which is analogous in nature to GSBPM), and
    • the Semantic Reference Model (SRM) Layer (an additional level of formalisation and detail that is required in order to support consistent operationalization)
  • currently planned points for engagement with the broader community of producers of official statistics to seek their input in co-ordinating and shaping the approach to GSIM