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Принципы и руководящие положения построения многоязычных приложений для официальной статистики


UNECE, Geneva, 2012

The UNECE Statistical Division grants permission to download, copy and redistribute this publication for your own personal needs or the needs of your employer, but on a strictly non-commercial basis only. If any part of this publication is quoted, the UNECE must be acknowledged as the source. Commercial re-distribution of this publication, or any part of it, is only permitted under special authorisation. To apply for such an authorisation, or for any further enquiries, please contact the UNECE Statistical Division (


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These Principles and Guidelines were produced by the Conference of European Statisticians Sharing Advisory Board and the UNECE Secretariat, with input and peer review from Participants in the 2011 joint UNECE / Eurostat / OECD meeting on Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS). This version was published in February 2012.