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The UNECE Work Sessions on Statistical Data Editing take place approximately every 18 months. Papers from these work sessions can be found via the links below.

2015: Budapest, Hungary, 14-16 September

  • TOPIC - I Selective editing / macro editing
  • TOPIC - II Managing and supporting changes related to editing and imputation
  • TOPIC - III Software tools and international collaboration
  • TOPIC - IV Evaluation and feedback
  • TOPIC - V Emerging methods and data revolution
  • TOPIC - VI Report of the Task Team on a Generic Process Framework for Statistical Data Editing

2014: Paris, France, 28-30 April              Pictures  Pictures from the Paris Work Session 

  • TOPIC - I Selective editing / macro editing
  • TOPIC - II New and emerging methods
  • TOPIC - III Getting the support of all people when implementing data editing
  • TOPIC - IV Editing of Census and social data
  • TOPIC - V International collaboration and processing tools