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Our core team for metadata systems consists of one senior adviser in the Division for Statistical Methods and Standards, one system architect for metadata systems and four programmers in the IT divisions of the Department of IT. When necessary we draw on IT expertise in data capture, web and web-services Iother T expertise from the same department.


Our systems for classifications and variables and our metadata portal are owned by the Department of IT. In-house development (2 developers and two customers) has been carried out by the Department of IT. Maintenance of the systems is carried out by the same divisions (1 developer and 1 system owner) with the addition of two people one person from the Department of Data Collection collection and statistical methods  methods in the case of classifications. Maintenance of the metadata in the systems is the responsibility of all 20 statistical divisions.


All new employees participate in a course designed to give them an overview of all areas in Statistics Norway. 2 hours of this course is devoted to metadata in theory and in practice. Most  Most new employees attend this course within 3-6 months of starting work in Statistics Norway.