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1.1 Metadata Strategy

Statistics Norway has in the course of time developed many different metadata systems. This led to the same information being stored several times in several places making the availability of updated and consistent information difficult. In recent years, there has been a strong focus on the need to link existing systems and a requirement that new metadata systems should not be built in isolation. To facilitate this, Statistics Norway developed a metadata strategy, which was approved early in 2005. The strategy focuses on establishing a conceptual framework, clear roles and responsibilities, and a stepwise development involving integration and linkage of systems.

For more information on our metadata strategy see:

1.2 Current situation

The objective of Statistics Norway's current work on metadata is to develop an integrated metadata system that will contribute to effective statistics production and dissemination, in addition to improved quality of statistics. Different metadata systems are being linked together making the metadata more easily accessible for all users. Metadata should be updated only in one place.

Metadata projects completed after 2005 include:

  1. Documentation of key metadata concepts
  2. Metadata portal on the Internet and the intranet
  3. Variables documentation system
  4. About the statistics as a content management system instead of just a text document
  5. Analysis of the end-to-end creation and re-use of metadata in one production cycle for one statistic.
  6. A service library for master metadata systems
  7. Improved access to micro-data for researchers (About the data collections)

Current/planned metadata projects include:

  1. An improved editing tool for our classification database is planned
  2. A master metadatabase for questionnaires is in development
  3. A new plan system for projects, products and processes should go into production before summer 2011.

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