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  • Register-based statistics in the Nordic countries


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Register-based statistics in the Nordic countries: Review of best practices with focus on population and social statistics
Brief description and comments

"The objective of this volume is to give strategic and planning officers in the National Statistical Institutes an understanding of what register-based statistics are, covering also the necessary technical and administrative capacity, and the possible applications of these methods to produce official statistics. The emphasis of the publication is on the use of administrative registers to produce demographic and social statistics."

Chapters of the document are as follows:

1. Why register-based statistics?
2. Historical development of register-based statistics
3. General preconditions
4. Use of administrative data in production of statistics
5. Registers - an overview
6. Requirements to data from administrative sources
7. From administrative data to statistics - data processing
8. Dissemination and users' needs
9. Quality and standardization
10. Register-based population and housing censuses
11. Concluding remarks

Статистика на основе регистров в Североевропейских странах: Обзор передовых методик с уделением основного внимания на статистику населения и социальной статистике

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Demographic and Social Statistics

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