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  • Making Data Meaningful, part 2: A guide to presenting statistics
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 1) Basic Information

Training material title
Making Data Meaningful, part 2: A guide to presenting statistics
Brief description and comments

This guide, developed by a UNECE-co-ordinated expert group on on Statistical Dissemination and Communication, is intended as a practical tool to help managers, statisticians and media relations officers in statistical organizations, particularly those organizations that are in the process of developing their communication strategies. The guide provides advice on the use of text, tables, charts, maps and other devices to bring statistics to life for non-statisticians. It contains suggestions, guidelines and examples - but not strict rules or rigid templates.

The guide covers (amongst other topics): defining the target audience; visualisation; tables, charts and maps; emerging techniques; and accessibility issues. The guide contains examples (both good and bad) and a list of further reading.

Main category

Methodology of Data Collection, Processing, Dissemination & Analysis

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