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Terms of Reference for the Organising Committee on the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS)


I. Background

1. The MSIS Organising Committee was created in 2010 with the agreement of the Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians. It is the successor to the Steering Group on the Management of Statistical Information Systems.

II. Mandate

2. The MSIS Organising Committee reports to the Conference of European Statisticians (CES). Its work will be overseen by the High-Level Group for the Modernization of Statistical Production and Services (HLG).

III. Objectives

3. The main objectives of the MSIS Organising Committee are:

a) To provide, through regular meetings and other means such as the MSIS Wiki, a forum for exchange of experiences and good practices among information systems managers from national and international statistical organisations.

b) To contribute to the coordination of activities of different national and international organizations in the area of statistical information systems.

c) To facilitate and encourage implementation of international standards and recommendations in the field of statistical computing among national and international statistical organisations.

IV. Planned activities and outputs

4. The MSIS Organising Committee will:

a) Organise the annual joint UNECE / Eurostat / OECD Meetings on the Management of Information Systems.

b) Contribute to the development of international standards and guidelines relating to statistical information systems.

c) Coordinate its activities with the Steering Group on Statistical Metadata (METIS), and the Sharing Advisory Board, as well as other international groups, projects and initiatives on related topics.

V. Timetable

5. MSIS meetings are organised every year, usually in the spring.

VI. Methods of work

6. The MSIS Organising Committee will work mainly by e-mail, the MSIS Wiki and regular telephone conferences. Face-to-face meetings will normally only be held during MSIS meetings.

VII. Membership

7. The current composition of the MSIS Organising Committee is as follows:

Rune Gløersen, Norway (Chairman)
Ron Bianchi, United States
Jenine Borowik, Australia
Branka Cimermanovic, Croatia
Karen Doherty, Canada
Simon Field, United Kingdom
Carlo Vaccari, Italy
Marton Vucsan, Netherlands
Trevor Fletcher, OECD
Jolanta Stefanska, IMF
Adam Wronski, Eurostat

8. The secretariat is provided by the UNECE (Diane Serikoff and Steven Vale).

9. The Organising Committee may co-opt new members as necessary, including to replace existing members who resign.

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