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The purpose of this page is to allow the MSIS Community to help shape the 2013 meeting, both in terms of content and structure. Please feel free to suggest how the meeting can best meet your needs.

1. Content

At the end of the MSIS 2012 meeting, the following topics were suggested for MSIS 2013. Please add your suggestions and comments:

  • Architecture

o  Effects of big data/data mining

o  How do organizations make decisions and how to influence them

o  Define strategy for mobile devices

o  Security - managing cyber threats

  • Streamlining statistical production

o  Overcoming legacy system problems

o  Managing organizational change / internal communications

o  Why are we continuing to build separate tools in each organization?

o  Feedback from the CES/HLG

o  Achievements towards the HLG vision

  • Innovation

o  New technology mini courses

o  Tools for story-telling

  • Collaboration

o  Look at the wider data industry - what are our limits?

o  Examples of good collaboration / OECD SIS group

o  Evaluation of tools - why are they used?

o  Roadmaps for collaborative tools

o  End-user requirements

o  Quality / maintenance of tools for sharing

o  Sharing infrastructures

o  Alignment with other expert groups

  • Panel discussion

o  End-users on what is missing, what they need / external / HLG members

o  Bridging gaps between different disciplines

  • Focus groups to tackle key issues proposed during brainstorming session

o  Killer app to demonstrate collaboration

2. Structure

We introduced a panel discussion for the 2012 meeting, which, according to the feedback received, was very popular. The brainstorming session on collaboration also received favourable comments. However some participants felt that, in general, presentations were too rushed, and that there should be more time or less presentations. What do you think? Do you have suggestions for improving the structure of the meeting?

2.0 Overall

  • Organize conference room with many videos able to spread different "channels" (Twitter, Pad, Video, ...)
  • Room (space/time) for short presentations/discussions (during breaks?)
  • Organize online questionnaire for feedback

2.1 Twitter

  • Start posting on Twitter contents of MSIS 2013 already during design
  • Post title and link of Papers as soon as available
  • Use tweets also to ask questions in sessions
  • Monitor tweets coming from remote attenders (see Streaming video)

2.2 Streaming video

  • Try to organize streaming video on the Web

2.3 EtherPad

  • Try to organize in advance some tool like EtherPad to discuss ongoing sessions
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