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In the statistical world a number of different cooperation models are in use, mostly shaped by historical choices and or concerns of governance and or funding. We examine the possible forms a collaboration can have using a number of practical examples. The aim is to analyze these examples to try to determine good practices and recommendations for future cooperation activities.

In the Ingredients of Cooperation Models page there is a short discussion on the different aspects of collaboration.  Most collaborations have a mix of these ingredients although some patters are emerging (under construction). See also for a discussion on the licencing models of software produced in international collaborations.



1. eDAMIS 

2. SAM / SEV

3. SDMX Reference Architecture

4. The PC-Axis model (until 2010)

5. The Nordic / Netherlands cooperation model

6. Software Sharing - The Statistics Canada Experience

7. OECD.Stat model

8. Experiences of national cooperation on GIS


10. UNIDO NISP 2.0

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