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Name and version: UNECE Guidelines for Statistical Metadata on the Internet
(United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Conference of European Statisticians Statistical Standards and Studies - No.52)

Alternative name: Guidelines for Statistical Metadata on the Internet

Valid: From July 2000

Description: The Guidelines aim to harmonize statistical metadata accompanying statistical information on Internet. They promote a consistent interpretation of statistics from different sources by considering data quality and international comparability as strategic issues. Beside content oriented metadata, metadata for search and usage of statistical information via the Internet are taken into the consideration. A proposed  minimum set of  statistical metadata is independent of any specific technologies.

Intended Use: The Guidelines are intended for national statistical organisations and other national and international bodies disseminating statistics. Designers of statistical metainformation systems will find recommendations for a minimum set of metadata in the following groups:

  • Metadata assisting search and navigation;
  • Metadata assisting interpretation of statistical information;
  • Metadata assisting post-processing.

Maintenance organization: The body responsible for maintaining the Guidelines is the UNECE Statistical Division.

ISO Standard Number: not applicable

Reference: Guidelines for Statistical Metadata on Internet:

Relationship to other standards  Concept Map

The Guidelines for Statistical Metadata on the Internet relate to the following methodological guidelines and recommendations:

Language: English

Description last updated /validated: 28 December 2010

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