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Name and version: Statistical Subject-matter Domains (2009 version)

Alternative name: Classification of Statistical Activities, DISA classification

Valid: From January 2009

Description:  A statistical subject-matter domain refers to a statistical activity that has common characteristics with respect to variables, concepts and methodologies for data collection and the whole statistical data compilation process. Examples of statistical domains are price statistics, national accounts, environment statistics or education statistics. In some cases, statistical information may be linked to several subject-matter domains.

The SDMX list of statistical subject matter domains is part of the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines, and is based on the first three sections of the UNECE Classification of Statistical Activities.

Intended Use:

According to the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines, the list of statistical subject-matter domains has three functions:

  • as a standard scheme against which similar domain lists of national and international organizations can be mapped to facilitate the exchange of data and metadata;
  • as an identifier framework for registering and searching statistical data on SDMX registries, the architecture of which has been developed in SDMX Technical Standards Version 2.0;
  • as a navigation aide for identification and organization of corresponding "domain groups" playing an active role in the use of SDMX technical standards and content-oriented guidelines for the exchange of statistics and related metadata. 

Maintenance organization: The organization responsible for maintaining this classification is the Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians, but the list of statistical subject-matter domains is also published by the SDMX consortium.

ISO Standard Number: Not applicable 

SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines:
UNECE Classification of Statistical Activities:

Relationships to other standards:   Concept Map

The list of statistical subject-matter domains is a part of the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines, therefore it is closely related to, and fully consistent with the other standards contained in those guidelines (cross-domain concepts, cross-domain code lists, and the Metadata Common Vocabulary). It also has a logical link to the implementation of the SDMX technical standards.

Language: English

Description last updated / validated: 28 December 2010

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