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Recent Updates

The SDMX DDI Dialogue has now been incorporated in the responsibilities of the Modernisation Committee on Standards, under the High-level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics. The information below is retained for archive purposes only.

Introduction to the dialogue process

The idea that SDMX and DDI are complementary rather than competing standards dates back to at least 2007. Existing resources are available that discuss - at a fairly high level - the relationship between the two standards.

These wiki pages contain additional information related to an informal dialogue process that was initiated in December 2010.

The dialogue engages the two standards bodies (eg representatives of the SDMX Secretariat and the DDI Alliance) as well as other stakeholders who have an interest in the two standards and how they can work together - both currently and in the future.

Following the 5th session, the dialogue was reorganised into a "Core Group", three task teams, and a wider mailing list.

The dialogue will continue through teleconferences, and on the margins of other events

Objectives for the dialogue process

At the initial discussion in December 2010

Three potential objectives for a collaboration were identified:

  1. To avoid duplication of effort by the two standards, and thus avoid confusion about which standards should be used for specific types of applications
  2. To provide reassurance to the user communities of both DDI and SDMX that the end-to-end statistical process can be managed, and that the standards bodies are both considering the needs of users in this area
  3. To provide specific technical guidance about the use cases and implementation of the standards for specific purposes

    It was mentioned that these objectives are not only technical ones - users should be considered at both the business level and the technical level.

These objectives remain open for review.


Contributing to the dialogue process

A number of practitioners, who have identified themselves as having an interest in both standards and how they work together, are already participating in the dialogue process. The dialogue process aims to be inclusive so participation by other agencies and individuals with similar interests is greatly encouraged.

An informal mailing list of interest parties has been established. If you would like to register your interest, and be added to this list, please contact Steven Vale ( at the UNECE Statistical Division.

Please also contact Steven if you have comments or questions in regard to any of the documentation made available through these pages.

If you already have an account for the METIS wiki, you can provide additional information and/or comments via these wiki pages. If you are interested in this option but do not yet have an account, please contact Steven Vale (