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First proposal of formalization of relationships between standards
This is an incomplete first proposal (that I set to Dan) of the relations between resources, according almost literally with the text used by the different authors of the description of all the resources.

Some of the resources were not linked because: a) there is no description of the resource; b) the author said that there was no relationship ("none"); c) the author said nothing about relationships; d) the author said that there was only external relationships.

The attached file is in PDF format but I used IHMC Cmaptools to draw it. I have also a Cmap file (IHMC Conceptual map).


1. The domain is closed. The relationships between CMF Part B resources and external resources (XML, etc.) were not included;

2. I had to create two higher-level resources (groups of resources): a) SDMX Content-oriented guidelines; b) SDMX (meaning SDMX "project").


  File Modified
PDF File CMF_B_relation.pdf First proposal 14 Jan, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_2.pdf Second proposal 08 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_3.pdf Third proposal 09 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_4.pdf Fourth proposal 09 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_5.pdf Fifth proposal 09 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_5_compliesWith_conformsTo.pdf compliance & conformance 09 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_5_without_compliesWith_conformsTo.pdf without compliance & conformance 09 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_6.pdf Nordic metamodel 1 10 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_relation_6_compliesWith_conformsTo.pdf Nordic metamodel 2 10 Feb, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_Meth_Guid_Recs.pdf Methodological Guidelines and Recommendations 28 Jun, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_Stat_Concepts.pdf Statistical Concepts 28 Jun, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_Tech_Standards.pdf Technical Standards 28 Jun, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_Mod_Stat_Pract.pdf Models and Statistical Practices v.1 28 Jun, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_Mod_Stat_Pract2.pdf Models and Statistical Practices v.2 28 Jun, 2010 by Sergio Bacelar
PDF File CMF_B_Mod_Stat_Pract2 Links.pdf Test file with clickable links to resources 18 Aug, 2010 by Steven Vale


GLOSSARY of the Relationships between resources

classifies - A set of discrete, exhaustive and mutually exclusive observations, which can be assigned to one or more variables to be measured in the collation and/or presentation of data (Metadata Common Vocabulary).

codifies - The process of converting verbal or textual information into codes representing classes within a classification scheme, to facilitate data processing, storage or dissemination (Metadata Common Vocabulary).

compliesWith - Resource A compliesWith resource B if it is possible to map elements of resource A to elements of resource B. Compliance is not as strict as conformance.

conformsTo - An established standard to which the described resource conforms (Dublin Core).

contains - The described resource includes models for another resource (e.g. "Neuchâtel model" contains a model for "statistical units").

generalises - Applies the characteristics of a resource to a larger domain, other domains or includes other functionalities.

instantiates - To represent an abstract concept (like a class in a classification scheme) by a concrete or tangible example (like a code).

isPartOf - A related resource in which the described resource is physically or logically included (Dublin Core).

isSimilarTo - Resources are not identical (otherwise the relationship would be sameAs) but they show some similarity, for example, they have similar functionalities, or the same objectives (e.g. the exchange of data and metadata).

measures - Reading, calculating or recording a numerical value (Metadata Common Vocabulary).

seeAlso - Used to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the described resource (rdfs:seeAlso).

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  1. I am sending now version 2 of the conceptual map of the relations between CMF Part B resources.

  2. This is version 3 of the conceptual map of the relations between CMF Part B resources. I will try to simplify the image and write a text with the definitions of the relations. But I think I can only send it tomorrow. Is that right Steve?

  3. I am now adding version 5. This one is complete with all "compliesWith" and "conformsTo" relations. I also add more two simplified versions: in the first diagram we can see only compliance and conformance relations; in the second, we see all the relations with exception of compliance and conformance relations. The 3 files are attached.

  4. This looks really good. I made a couple of minor linguistic changes in the glossary, but I don't think I changed the meaning. I am not totally sure about the term "instantiates", but have not been able to think of a better alternative, perhaps Dan can help?

    I was also trying to think how the Nordic Metamodel can be linked to other resources. I think that it compliesWith UNECE Guidelines for the Modeling of Statistical Data and Metadata. There is also a relationship with SDMX Cross-domain Code-lists that we are currently exploring in the UNECE, but this is probably too weak for the diagram. It would be something like canContain.

  5. I confess that I had also some trouble with the definition of "instantiates" since I think that the definition should come more from the domain of "object-oriented" or modeling terminologies.

    Please tell me If you want me to make some changes in the diagrams. I will do it fast.

  6. The only change I would suggest to the diagram is to add the link for the Nordic Metamodel I mentioned above. 

  7. I am sending the two necessary diagrams including Nordic Metamodel (version 6).

  8. I have sent 5 pdf files about 5 conceptual maps representing the relationships between resources by category. They are 5 and not only 4, because I have sent 2 versions of "Models and Statistical Practices": one, only with the resources emphasized in another color in the global map, and the other containing only the resources of that category.