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Other GSIM Resources


This page contains the glossary of  GSIM information objects (this is also found in Annex B of the GSIM Specification).

Presentations and Posters

This page contains presentations that have been given at various conferences and workshops, as well as a number of posters which can be used to promote and explain GSIM.


 Discussion Forum

As organisations begin to use GSIM, this discussion forum will be used to explore issues with the model or propose extensions to the model.

Previous versions

Links to previous releases of the model (v1.0, v0.8, v0.4, v0.3, v0.1).

GSIM and other standards

Information about how GSIM objects relate to DDI, SDMX, ISO 11179 and Neuchatel

 Further Reading

A collection of articles used in the development of GSIM




Reader Guide



Suggested documents

Top & Senior managers

GSIM Brochures

Middle Managers,

Subject Matter Statisticians and Methodologists

GSIM Brochures

GSIM Communication document

Implementing GSIM

Architects, business analysts and metadata specialists

GSIM Communication document

Implementing GSIM

GSIM Specification

Solution Architects

GSIM Specification

Implementing GSIM

Enterprise Architect file

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