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The following list is recognised as incomplete.

  1. DDI and SDMX: Complementary, Not Competing, Standards
  2. DDI/SDMX Workshop Wiesbaden, Germany, June 18th 2008 (in particular from Slide 108)
  3. Exploring the relationship between DDI, SDMX and the Generic Statistical Business Process Model
  4. The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI): An Introduction for National Statistical Institutes
  5. DDI Directions - the September 2011 edition of the DDI Newsletter, including an article on the OECD Microdata Expert Group NEW
  6. Papers and presentations from the Eurostat SDMX/DDI Workshop, 9 September 2011 NEW
  7. Acronyms related to DDI and SDMX (compiled by Arofan Gregory for the Data Without Boundaries project) NEW
  8. SDMX and DDI: A Proposed Approach for Interoperable Exchange of Register Data : A work in progress case study from Arofan Gregory on how DDI and SDMX can work together at a practical level to support Register data

If you are aware of additional resources which could be shared by referencing them in the following list then please either

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