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Case studies about current metadata management systems and processes are being collected from statistical offices for publishing within the Common Metadata Framework Part D. They are published and maintained using wiki software that allows statistical offices to visit and update their own information and others to discuss it.

The currently available case studies can be accessed here, and are structured under the following headings:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Statistical metadata systems and the statistical business process;
  3. Statistical metadata in each phase of the statistical business process;
  4. Systems and design issues;
  5. Organizational and workplace culture issues;
  6. Lessons learned;
  7. Attachments and links.

Since there is no blueprint for design and implementation of a national SMS, the case studies represent a valuable source of information on practical SMS approaches and experiences. The content clearly demonstrates a shift in importance away from the historical focus on computer systems and design (metadata needed for building of statistical databases, data warehouses etc) to the functions and benefits of metadata across the statistical business process cycle. Furthermore, it demonstrates that statistical offices put more weight on links between the statistical information system and the SMS.