The Common Metadata Framework is published online, and is divided into four parts, each of which concentrates on different practical and theoretical aspects of statistical metadata systems, and provides vital knowledge for anyone working with statistical metadata:


The development of a framework for statistical metadata was initiated by national delegates to the February 2004 meeting of the Joint UNECE-Eurostat-OECD Work Session on Statistical Metadata (METIS). Participants concluded that various models, definitions and concepts of statistical metadata had been proposed over the years, and that statistical organizations were missing a common framework to help them build their metadata systems.

This valuable resource has been developed through the collective input on national and international statistical organizations, coordinated by the METIS Steering Group and the UNECE secretariat. As an online publication, it is evolved in line with developments in the field of statistical metadata. 

The maintenance strategy for the Common Metadata Framework is set out in this strategy paper, approved by the METIS Steering Group in February 2011. The Steering Group also approved a strategy for promoting the Common Metadata Framework in April 2011

Feedback and suggestions for improvement are encouraged, and can be sent to the UNECE secretariat (

For further information about METIS work sessions and workshops please see

Please note that UNECE work related to Metadata Frameworks is currently undertaken by the HLG-MOS and mainly as part of the activities of the Supporting Standards Group.

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