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The HLG has developed a strategic vision, which was endorsed by the 59th Plenary Session of the Conference of European Statisticians (14-16 June 2011, Geneva).

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about this document. We would be particularly interested in ideas and suggestions on how to implement this vision in practice, as we are now working on an implementation strategy.

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  1. I like the direction. Should MSIS have a role/take the lead in formulating GSIM?

    1. Several groups are already starting to work on the GSIM, including the "Statistical Network" and the CORE ESSnet project. We should get updates on this work at the 2011 MSIS meeting. I think the main role of MSIS will be to provide the forum for presenting progress, and for getting inputs from the wider statistical community - a sort of facilitation and coordination role.

  2. Really interesting vision!

    Two notes:

    1 - Open data: NSIs not only can search for already available data on the network, but they should help to increase this availability supplying their data, following open data principles

    2 - Sharing Software and Open Source: even if this is a vision document, the role of sharing software (through cooperation and openness) should be mentioned, since the software is one of the most important components of "statistical production process"

    These notes can be taken in account defining the implementation strategy of the vision

    1. I understood that sharing everything is implicit in the document. Statistics becomes global but the organisations are not and this is our challenge.