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The Statistical Modernisation Community is a collaborative partnership of statistical organisations, created as an initiative of the UNECE High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS). It is open to all producers of official statistics.

The partners in the Statistical Modernisation Community publicly endorse this Statement of Intent .


The current list of partners (in alphabetical order) is:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Central Bureau of Statistics (Netherlands)
  • Central Statistics Office (Ireland)
  • Eurostat
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office
  • INEGI (Mexico)
  • Istat (Italy)
  • OECD Statistics Directorate
  • Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics
  • Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
  • Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Statistics Canada
  • Statistics Korea
  • Statistics New Zealand
  • Statistics Sweden
  • Statistical Office of Montenegro
  • UNECE Statistical Division

If your organisation would like to endorse the Statement of Intent, and thus become a partner in the Statistical Modernisation Community, please contact



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