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A. Data Integration Project




  • All information gathered through the survey will be hosted on the UNECE wiki.  Respondents will be offered the choice of completing the survey on the wiki or through a more user friendly version provided by Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.
  • The wiki version will be available by end of September and the SORS version one week later. 
  • Analysis of responses/results will be provided on the wiki plus some more graphical/engaging results being provided by SORS.
  • Project participants are continuing to provide information for the guide.   

Risks and challenges


Delays in implementation of survey


Survey implementation has been delayed due to some technical challenges and project manager travel.  Situation is under control.  






A key goal is to gain a critical mass of survey responses to provide results and incorporate these into the guide for presentation at the November workshop.  We would also like to use the workshop as an opportunity to gather further responses if possible.   

More information about this project

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B. Data Architecture Project





  • New version of the Reference Architecture Document is available and will be shared with members and stakeholders.
  • The group is discussing  how to integrate the Data Architecture work with the United Nations Global Working Group on Big Data




Risks and challenges













  • A face-to-face meeting has been organised in Netherlands on 3-5 October to prepare the deliverables for the November HLG-MOS workshop
  • The group will verify shared activities (Proof of Concepts?) together with UN GWG


More information about this project

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C. Other Activities




News from the Groups

Blue-skies Thinking

  • The Hackathon "Telling Stories with SDG data" took place on 5 - 7 September. The winning teams were selected by a combination of an evaluation panel and a popular vote. The winning teams were:
    • Polish Statistical Crew - for outstanding visual appeal
    • KiwiJam - for a "Shiny" narrative with "NEET" graphics
    • SDGs-Mexico - for a thought evoking presentation
    • Mexican Storytellers - for an engaging story in a fun package.
  • All the produts from teh Hack can be found here: Products from Hackathon

Capabilities and Communication

The following Task Forces have been working on:

a) Risk Management in the context of agile development

- preparation of training materials for the session on RM at the Efficiencies workshop that will be in September in Geneva and also for the UNECE seminar that will be in Georgia on 4-6 October 2017.

- preparation of the survey which was sent to the participants of the Efficiencies workshop in order to assess their level of knowledge on Risk Management and to divide them into correct groups for training.

b) Preparation of the workshop on implementing efficiencies and quality of output

- preparation for the workshop is in good order, most of the papers and presentations are received and could be viewed here:

- the workshop has 49 registered participants.

c) Capabilities training progress

- preparation of completed detailed description for 5 out 15 topics by NSO of Ireland,

- Organizing Committee of the meeting on 'Statistical Data Editing' will help to define skills for two topics 'imputation and non - response' and 'statistical data editing'.

- during the workshop on Statistical Data Confidentiality, that will take place in Skopje on 20-22 September, we hope to get more help from the experts on the 'Statistical disclosure control skill'.

- ISTAT is collecting information from their register on National Accounts for training framework.

Supporting Standards

  • Klas Blomqvist will step down as the Chair of the Supporting Standards group as he is moving to a new role. Marina Signore was elected as the new chair. 
  • GSBPM and GSIM revision: feedbacks from countries will be available to the task teams by the end of September.

  • Quality Indicators task team has almost completed its work and the final product will be released by the end of this year. The task team is seeking support from the Communication Group to reach out the relevant target audience.

  • The Ottawa LIM Sprint in June and the discussion on variables will give inputs to the GSIM/GSBPM revision.


Sharing Tools

  • Priority areas identified for the rest of 2017: 
  • Architecture Patterns group will prepare documentation on the CSPA Adapters
  • The templates for the compliance assessment will be updated based on feedback from the workshop
  • A leaflet/brochure will be produced to explain what it means to be CSPA compliant
  • Update and restructure of the CSPA wiki and catalogues to be undertaken to improve discoverability
  • LIM team are working on the LIM variables document









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