Delivarables and Output of the Linked Statistical Metadata part of the 2016 HLG Implementing Modernstats Standards Project


The topic of Implementing Modernstats Standards has been chosen as the subject of a major international collaboration project under the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics. The project will run from January to December 2016. It includes the following components:


  • Conceive and build a database of globally harmonized core statistical metadata (concepts and codes) and to make it available in both user-friendly and machine-actionable formats
  • Create a semantically enhanced information system containing semantic representations of the main business models published by the HLG-MOS and of the CSPA standards for documenting services
  • Develop a Modernisation Maturity Model to help statistical organisations assess their current levels, and a Modernisation Roadmap to help them progress to the next levels as efficiently as possible

Output: Software artefacts

Software artefacts: RDF artefacts (machine-readable - available on request)

  • Classifications
    • UN classifications (with history): ISIC and CPC
    • Eurostat classifications (with history): NACE and CPA
    • National classifications: NAICS, Ateco, NAF and CPF, UK SIC, Dutch SBI
    • Correspondence Tables
    • SDMX measure_unit code list
  • Ontologies: GSIM, CSPA, GSBPM
  • Data on CSPA services, GSIM, GSBPM, NSI list

Web clients:

  • ETL (extraction, transformation, load) programs

    - code:

  • Classification Explorer

    - code:

    - application: (user name:explorer |password: explorer)  

Note: the classification and model explorer might not open with Internet Explorer, if so, please try Firefox or Chrome instead

  • Model Explorer

    - code:

    - application: (user name:explorer |password: explorer)

Documents and Papers:
Rome Sprint

Project Work Packages and Deliverables

Work Package 1: Build a dissemination system for core structural metadata

Activity 1.1 Specify the content and its representation

Deliverable 1.1 - Content specifications: metadata list, vocabularies, URI schemes

Activity 1.2 Create the linked metadata set

Deliverable 1.2.1 - Documented programs to create the RDF files

Deliverable 1.2.2 - RDF files containing the selected metadata sets

Activity 1.3 Create a demo tool to query and visualize the metadata

Deliverable 1.3.1 - Functional and technical requirements

Deliverable 1.3.2 - RDF database with query interface

Deliverable 1.3.3 - Web visualisation interface

Activity 1.4 Showcase of usage of the system in statistical offices dissemination

Deliverable 1.4.1 - Description of practical usage of the system in current dissemination activities of NSIs

Work Package 2: Build an information system supporting the HLG-MOS vision

Activity 2.1 Specify the system

Deliverable 2.1.1 - Selection of use cases (model dissemination, translations, refinements, service descriptions, linking, etc.)

Deliverable 2.1.2 - Data model: representation of the main HLG-MOS models (GSBPM, GAMSO, GSIM, CSPA service descriptions) as linked data

Activity 2.2 Build the system

Deliverable 2.2.1 - RDF file containing the metadata sets selected

Deliverable 2.2.2 - RDF database with query interface

Deliverable 2.2.3 - Web interface implementing the use cases selected

Work Package 4: Project management, evaluation and sustainability plan (project management)

Activity 4.1 Project management and evaluation

Deliverable 4.1.1 Overall Project planning and periodic project evaluation

Deliverable 4.1.2 Provide guidance and induction of project participants

Deliverable 4.1.3 Ensure timely delivery of deliverables WP.1-WP3.

Deliverable 4.1.4 Project presentation

Activity 4.2 Define a sustainable mechanism for the maintenance of the project outputs

Deliverable 4.2.1 Sustainability plan for maintenance of HLG-MOS linked statistical metadata and its availability

Deliverable 4.2.2 Proposal for MMM and Roadmap support portal to guide statistical organizations in implementing key standards for modernisation


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