The Executive Board is responsible for the strategic management of on‑going HLG-MOS projects and activities. It assesses and plans new projects and activity proposals for endorsement by the HLG‑MOS and seek support and resources from interested organisations. Following the completion of a project, the Executive Board monitors, evaluates, and where necessary, oversees the implementation or use of the project results. It assesses the need for any follow‑up activities and advise the HLG‑MOS accordingly.

The Executive Board has a coordinating role with respect to the Modernisation Groups and advises them on the inputs they should provide to ensure the successful completion of each annual work programme. It further coordinates requests for additional resources needed for the completion of the activities. The Executive Board will decide about follow‑up of new ideas and opportunities that were identified by the Blue Skies Thinking Network

Terms of Reference

Modernisation Updates

Jennifer Banim (co-chair)CSO Ireland
Stépane Dufour (co-chair)Statistics Canada
Anders HolmbergABS
Mikko LindholmStatistics Finland

Orietta Luzi


Isabel IslasINEGI
Joost HuurmanStatistics Netherlands
Vince GalvinStatistics New Zealand
Emanuele BaldacciEurostat
 Asa JohanssonOECD
Taeke Gjaltema (secretariat)UNECE
Activities and Output

 The main activities and outputs of the Executive Board are:

  • To report annually to the HLG‑MOS on the outcome of the work programme and to propose projects and activities for endorsement by the HLG‑MOS for next year’s work programme.
  • To oversee the organisation of projects and activities and to coordinate the allocation of resources necessary to ensure the successful completion of the work programme sponsored by the HLG‑MOS, including setting up Task Teams, organizing “sprint” sessions, workshops and other relevant activities.
  • To hold regular virtual meetings with managers of the HLG‑MOS projects and Chairs of the Modernisation Groups and BSTN and report on their progress.
  • To ensure project outputs are available to all interested parties, encouraging their adoption.
  • To monitor developments relevant to the modernisation of official statistics.
Groups and Projects

2019-2022 Groups and Projects overseen by the Executive Board:


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