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A. Data Integration Project




  • A number of updates have been provided for chapters for the guide to data integration
  • Most questions for the survey have been designed, focussing on how the responses will inform the guide
    • The survey will collect information about organisation (and government) wide strategies for data integration and about specific data integration activities within the organisations.
  • The mechanism for running the survey has been agreed and implementation has commenced

Risks and challenges


The Northern Hemisphere summer holidays stalls progress. 

Project plan revised to ensure delivery

Under control






The mechanism to run the survey will be completed in approximately one week.  This will be tested by project participants, who will fill in the details for their countries and feed back any issues before releasing the survey more broadly. 

Contributions to the guide are continuing to be made.

The project members have considered the sustainability of the guide and are in favour of a regular workshop (annual or biennial) where participants exchange issues and solutions and provide updates to the guide to keep it and the case studies current. 

More information about this project

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B. Data Architecture Project





  • The Reference Architecture Document is being worked on. This involves incorporating the comments received during the consultation period, as well as further work to expand the DA Principles, Capabilities and Building Blocks.
  • There is also work proceeding about how best to communicate the data architecture ideas using diagrams. 
  • Both France and Italy have given presentations on their usecases. This has been useful in testing thinking on the Data Architecture. 




Risks and challenges













  • A new version of Reference Architecture document is expected to be released by the end of August (incorporating the feedback)
  • A face-to-face meeting will be organised in Netherlands during October.


More information about this project

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C. Other Activities




News from the Groups

Blue-skies Thinking

 Hackathon begins on 5 September. We have 15 teams registered to participate. There will be a public voting component to the competition, as well as an evaluation by a panel of senior managers.

A number of different groups have expressed an interest in some work on Methodology Architecture. This will be explored in the next weeks.

Capabilities and Communication


  • Risk Management in the context of agile development:

-        preparation for September workshop in Genève,

-        preparation for October workshop in Georgia,

-        work on the training materials is ongoing,

  • Preparation of the workshop on implementing efficiencies and quality of output (27-29 September 2017):

-        final agenda,

-        almost 50 participants,

-        18 papers,

-        interactive sessions: demo training on risk; risk camp session; Lean management session,

  • Capabilities training:

-        the note on the uses/benefits of the training framework,

-        identification of top 13 headings for which descriptions should be prepared,

-        Ireland will identify basic/intermediate/advanced level for the 5 out of 13 headings,

-        the team is trying to identify NSI, that can help to complete the descriptors for the remaining 8 headings: register management, imputation and non response, statistical data editing, evaluation user statistical needs, statistical disclosure control, visualization and presentation of data, data matching, integration and administrative data, national accounts)

  • Communication:

-     CapComm brochure was prepared and distributed during the CES workshop in June in Geneva,

-     the work of the team was also promoted by Padraig Dalton during the seminar about the next generation of statisticians,

-     the communication team is changing the way they work. Instead of regular meetings, they will meet as needed, when some of the teams will approach them about work.

Supporting Standards

A request for feedback on GSIM and GSBPM has been circulated to statistical organisations.  

Sharing Tools

 Investment intentions survey was circulated with a due date of end October. The Investment Catalogue and Investment Database have both been revamped.

Following the successful workshop in July, the Sharing Tools group are looking at how to move forward to address the issues raised. 





 The Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality will take place in Skopje on 20 - 22 September



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