We are glad to announce the establishment of the new group on Applying Data Science and Modern Methods in 2022.

In view of the increasing importance of new data sources and methods for the compilation of official statistics, this new group aims to identify data science initiatives and new methods needed for modernising existing business processes.

Examples of potential activities cover: (i) developing supporting materials to help implement case studies and good practices, (ii) organising workshops and trainings to promote and ensure consistent use of the HLG-MOS supported data science initiatives and modern methods, and (iii) managing the periodic reviews of the new data science initiatives and methods to measure their impacts.

The group has already started conducting a market landscape analysis to take stock of existing work in the field of data science and modern methods. It will help identify specific needs, challenges, and opportunities that support modernising statistical production and services.

Some potential areas of work that the group is considering include (i) use cases on data collection methods, (ii) data platform that facilitates the access to and integration of data from different sources, (iii) responsible AI, (iv) modelling methods for different type of data, and (v) automated dissemination, with user-centric services.

We look forward to welcoming you to participate in the group and other activities.

Please contact Wai Kit Si Tou if you are interested in joining the group.

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